A very quick side project.

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JayIsGames has occasional game design competitions, and I’m going to enter the current one.

And I’m going to get disqualified.

The idea is that everyone makes a text-based game where you have to escape from a room, and it’s all jolly and fun.  You’re supposed to use Z-Code to write it, because it’s basically the standard for making these kinds of games.  My first fault will be not using Z-Code.  I’m just gonna make my own text engine.  They’re simple enough to crank out anyway, and Z-Code doesn’t do everything that I want it to.

That’s a pretty minor rule to break, though–The other rule that I’m breaking is the real problem.  They say that the games have to be an equivalent to “rated Teen” or lighter.  Fuck that.  This game is going to be pissed off and proud of it.  This game will be the drunken uncle of text-based games.  This game will hate you as a player and a person, and will tell you so at any opportunity it gets.

It’s going to be called “You Find Yourself In A Room.”  And it’s going to be awesome.

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  1. Well good luck then, can’t wait to play that game!

  2. Fuck yeah! Sounds pretty awesome, can’t wait to play it.

  3. High-Lord Vin

    :/ I do not like unnecessary gore

  4. High-Lord Vin

    haha, just stumbled upon the demo; geuss that is not going to be the only thing you are going to do to it

    thanks for the warning

  5. Heh, i tried it out, awesome, i hope to see some more put into it though, I Lmaod my pants off playing it

  6. otherwise known as Rikki

    Good Game. I’m mad that the graphics were overloaded with animated photons coordinating with astro-feasible plasma torch refrain fri=…. taxing on my brain…. I’m over-developed in coincidental consciousness. Word is Goof.

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