Riddles solved.

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You might have missed it, but for a little while there, I had four riddles (part of Work of Fiction) posted here.  The point was to make sure that they’re all solvable by normal people–Turns out, all of them are, so everything’s gravy.  Sorry if you weren’t around to see them, but fret not.  They’ll all be included in the game, which will hopefully be finished within a week.  And this time, I actually mean it.

Current status of all major features:

Route:  Two working puzzles.

River:  Four working puzzles.

Rotary:  Four working puzzles.

Riddle:  Four working puzzles.

Fifth puzzle:  Doesn’t actually exist yet.

Image viewer:  Fully planned, but not coded.

Writing:  Almost done editing.

Music:  Finished.

Sound:  In progress.

Miscellaneous (menus, logos, etc):  Nothing done yet.

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  1. In a week? Awesome.

    I’ll give you two, just to be nice, but after that…

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