Deep sea fishing demo!

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I’ve been quietly tinkering away on a deep sea fishing game lately.  Fix is still under way and moving along wonderfully (and my artist is settled down for a while again, so he can do more work and we can make more progress).  The exciting news is that it’s time to start playtesting the fishing game!

Hit the “Fish demo” tab op top to try the current version.  WADS moves around, aim and shoot with the mouse, collect dead fishy parts with the spacebar. Bigger chunks are worth more money. Larger (more valuable!) fish can be found as you dive deeper.

There’s no actual goal right now. I just need to be seeing if everything is starting to make sense to players (ie, you). If you have time to play it for a few minutes, be sure to keep an eye out for anything that’s noticeably counterintuitive. Positive and negative feedback are equally appreciated, but dishonest feedback is worthless, so don’t worry about my feelings.

If you can’t think of anything to say but want to help out, try answering any of these questions:

1) What do you wish you could do in the game?
2) What element of the gameplay was the hardest to understand?
3) How does hunting the fish make you feel? (no, really)
4) What’s your general strategy for getting the most money out of a fish?


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  1. i wish i could have missions , better weapons, and move a little smoother.
    2) hardest..why i was a sphere i suppose?
    3) It makes me feel like im shooting a bunch of lines currently

  2. SBRedFlag

    I answered the questions in a comment on the Demo, if you wanna take a look…

  3. The thing I don’t understand is how is it that only your website keeps getting spam. I’ve not seen it anywhere else.

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