January 26th: The end of Design Levels December.

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So…it took about twice as long as I was expecting, but I just finished the 40th level for Company’s prequel.  I’m still probably going to revise things here and there, but there are 40 functioning levels and all of the puzzles are in.  What a milestone!

I’m feeling good about the game’s conclusion.  I’ve been planning it out during the past few months of work, and it’s pretty strange to finally see it in action.  It should work in completely different ways for the people who’ve played the original and the people who haven’t, which is exciting to me.

David’s music is also starting to come together, and it’s sounding marvelous.  What else would we expect from him at this point?

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  1. thanks men i realy look forward to playing the game.
    And espeacialy seeing the end which you spoke about xD.
    also my respect to david ;p his previous works where also realy good.
    so a big thumbs up for both of you.
    with best regards,

  2. omigosh! Thats awesome. I have to know the estimated date of this game!

  3. Oh..Nice to hear the work is almost done :) Greetings from India 😀
    So eager to play the game .And the title will stay or will it be changed?

  4. Hi Man,

    I thought you might like to know that your game “This is a Work of Fiction” is featured on the latest Salle Pierre Lamy podcast.

    It is here if you would like to listen

    Let us know what you think.


  5. Edgar,

    Your podcast is awesome! Thanks for the comment, too. I’m glad you guys enjoyed the puzzles. Hearing from my audience is what keeps me running, so for the sake of all the folks like me, keep up the good work!


  6. Nicolasoob

    wondering, did you know that company of myself was speedrunned in 03:27?

  7. Whoa, I had no idea! That’s…pretty radical. The dude’s got moves.

  8. Edgar, hahah your podcast is hilarious. I loved the birthday song!

    (You might want to make a pop filter, just use a coat hanger and stretch some thin stretchy material over the frame [panty hose, one of those stretchy book covers] to soften those pops 😀 )

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