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Hello everybody.  I just noticed that I haven’t put up any screenshots of normal gameplay in a really long time, so here’s a few to chew on.  I just hooked up a prettier-looking setup for the interior grey walls, so they’re generally slimmer and trimmer.  There’s also a load of other little visual changes, so be sure to click these for full size images.

First, three simple levels…

Next, let’s take a closer look at the new walls.  The placement still works like before, but now there are five possible graphics for each wall tile:

Previously, every wall tile looked like the big blocky one. second from the right.

Here’s a shot of a building with only the walls, for the sake of clarity:

And finally, here’s a picture of the current largest possible building, set to the highest possible difficulty…

I’m still hoping to have a playable version online some time soon, but I’ll most likely put up a narrated gameplay video before that happens.

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  1. Why even bother having lamps in some of the rooms if they don’t work? Why is all the lighting coming from just one direction? Why is there fog at all?

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