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I’ve been learning about making shaders lately.  Summary:  Making shaders is really fuckin’ interesting.

For starters, I added some extra niceness to the shader used on the main obstacles (the stuff you’ll be picking up).  Part of that is a slight reflective term for their shiny bits – for example, here’s a picture of a CRT monitor using the original shader:

And here’s a picture with the new shader, with a bit of extra flair in the screen:

Objects also get a smidgeon of rim lighting, which is, uh, kinda pretty.  Here’s a big screenshot (click for full size) of the way a current full level looks:

There’s also a wacky full-scene shader that gets applies while the player is using a special gadget called Teleport+.  Teleport+ can be ridiculously useful:  It pauses the game and lets you pick a new position, and then you can resume play whenever you’re ready.  Using it to escape a dire situation can be kind of cathartic, so I wanted to pick an effect that would complement that feeling.  Here’s what it looks like (again, click for full size):

The game’s getting to a point where I’ll be ready to start testing it online pretty soon…normally I like to get playable demos online as quickly as possible, but this game has a lot more to explain than any of my previous stuff, and I don’t want to put it up while it’s still a little difficult to decypher.

Also I need some help thinking of a title.  It’s most likely going to be the main character’s name, but I don’t have a name for him yet.  He’s a sneaky robot thing who rolls around stealing office furnishings so he can melt them down for materials.  Any suggestions?

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  1. The visuals in this are looking amazing so far! Nice job!

    I like names like Scrounge or Forage, but I’m not very good at naming projects. I’m interested in hearing more about how you choose a final name for my own well being. :)

  2. Hey 2darray,
    Great to see you back on your project. Was looking for this update. Looks awesome ! Well, I will post some suggestions regarding the name.

    Quet or QT (Cutey XD)

  3. Jamie Rezendes


    Hmmm names eh?


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