Viricide Releases.

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Viricide has been packed up and sent off into the real world, so you’ll hopefully be seeing it on various game sites pretty soon.  At the time of writing this, it’s on at least Armor and Kongregate.  Reviews are about … Continued


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Breach 3 has officially changed its name to Viricide.  Check out the nearly finished demo in the tabs near the top of the page.  It’s got a ton of voice acting, so the file size is a relatively hefty (but … Continued

Company wins stuff!

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The Company of Myself just won the award for Best Indie Game at the 2010 Mochis, which is a part of the Flash Gaming Summit.  I couldn’t make it out to the event because it’s in California and I’m not, … Continued

Green squares and such.

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I keep track of all the comments on the site, but I watch the comments for the Grief demo particularly closely, because it’s the project that stands as the most important to me.  Company did extremely well and got me … Continued

Pieces start to fit together.

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Give the Breach 3 demo another try.  It’s got some new goodies, including a more standard level progression (no more of that slider business) and some personality.  The game is now set inside of an AI, where you are tasked … Continued

The sense of progress.

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Most of my dev time lately has been spent on Breach 3, which won’t be called Breach 3, but that’s still what it is, so whatever.  YFYIAR is pretty close to being done, and at this point I’m waiting on … Continued

Some insights about loud things.

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I’ve gotten some questions lately about the gun in Grief.  The general consensus is that Company was a quiet, thoughtful game, so why is the sequel going to be a mindless shooter oh god it’s going to be horrible why … Continued

Deja Vu…

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I feel a little strange bringing this up, but whatever.  It made me chuckle a bit. Here’s a game for you to try out.  It’s a moody little puzzle game about a lonely protagonist who can make copies of himself … Continued

Finally, some story info for Grief.

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I figure I’ve held off long enough, and since no one really knows about me anyway, there’s not a whole lot of point in keeping secrets.  Here’s how Grief works. Grief is about the psychologist from the end of Company. … Continued

Some design edits for Grief…

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So, Grief was originally supposed to be a game that featured pretty big levels that contained lots of little challenges that you could approach in any order.  I like the idea, but I don’t think it’d quite work out in … Continued

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