2DArray is a video game studio based out of Omaha, Nebraska in the USA.

We’re is a small game company that strives to make high-quality entertainment above all else. The name 2DArray was originally an online alias for Eli Piilonen while he was making web-only Flash games, but he was eventually joined by David Carney, who now handles all of the audio needs of the games. We like creativity and critical thinking, and we want to encourage them in everyone. One of the worst things you can do to yourself is to be content in your boredom.

If you’re looking to talk shop, email us directly at hello@observatoryvr.com

Eli Piilonen
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Eli has been creating video games since he was twelve years old. He likes difficult conversations and long walks on the beach. At some point, he’ll figure out how to make games and live a normal life at the same time. His favorite game is probably either Resident Evil 4, Shadow of the Colossus, Portal 2, LIMBO, or Spelunky.

David Carney
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David makes all of the music and sound effects for 2DArray’s games. His primary goal in audio design is to give people the impression that they’ve been transported to a completely new place. He has a particular interest in dynamic music which can react to unpredictable scenarios in meaningful ways.

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  1. Ronan Gallagher

    Hi Eli/David,

    Can you contact me regarding Vive launch title testing.

  2. I just played your game Viricide on Kongregate, and, while I realize I am severely late.. I wanted to say.. dear Eli, your story was stunning. It wasn’t long, it didn’t need to be, it was amazing. It was already better than half of what I see in Steam, and that says something.. you have such an amazing talent and I hope you have a nice day. Sorry for the annoyance!

    .. I am not actually affiliated with Kongregate, I just play games on it.

    • Hey there – thanks for writing in! It means a lot to me and I’m glad you enjoyed the game.

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