This is a Work of Fiction is a game dedicated to conspiracy-theory websites, like the old one about the time cube (find it on the internet archive some time – it’s incredible). It’s a collection of puzzles with no written instructions other than their titles, and completing them unlocks pieces of a story about a person who has been finding clues about an impossibly huge and amorphous conspiracy (but be warned – it doesn’t involve any elder gods, or aliens, or robots, or politicians, or deadpan guys in suits, or giant companies).
bestof2012-award-large A.V. Club Best Browser Games of 2011

If you like edgy atmosphere, mysterious trappings, and figuring things out without instructions, This is a Work of Fiction is well worth your time.


Eli Piilonen’s puzzle game is at times infuriatingly oblique, but like an ornery martial-arts master, the hard-nosed insistence becomes admirable, memorable, and ultimately endearing as the game’s strange puzzles unfold.

A.V. Club