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Greetings, valued consumer! Here at SolarGroup, we love all of our child entities equally. The SolarGroup Games Division (colloquially known as “2DArray”) is definitely not an exception.


Note, however, that this unconditional love is subject to change if they fail to return our investment. If you’d like to keep yourself up to date and keep them afloat at the same time, we recommend joining this mailing list.



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Latest from the devblog

Something pretty

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We’ve been working with some art people lately.  Here’s a work-in-progress test scene for style/rendering in one of our upcoming VR games.   I put the moss in today – it’s an important thing... READ MORE

Public/Private Properties (and Get/Set)

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(Micro dev update: Freelance Chemist is making more sense than before and I’m feeling way better about it.  The VR pack is coming along really well and I’m super stoked.  We’ve got some... READ MORE

Quick notes

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Hey hey – as usual, it’s been a little while. Right to business: Freelance Chemist is in a weird spot.  I like the game, but the types of puzzles it contains are definitely... READ MORE

Options and a new background

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Freelance Chemist is getting closer and closer to completion…at this point, there are two puzzles that I still want to revise, but other than that, the only notable stuff left over is implementing... READ MORE