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Hey hey – as usual, it’s been a little while.

Right to business: Freelance Chemist is in a weird spot.  I like the game, but the types of puzzles it contains are definitely not for everyone, and the storyline seems like a mega-super bummer to me because I made most of it when I was in a real shit-bag of a mood.  I don’t want to cancel it because we already had to do that with Titanium Frontier, so I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it.  It’s possible that it’ll still end up on Steam.  It also might end up being a free web game, like the good old days.  I’m not sure yet, but it’ll be something eventually.

I also wanted to mention that I’ve been using my Twitter account somewhat regularly lately, so that’s probably a better place to get development progress reports than over here.

Also I got an Oculus Rift, so I’ve been getting used to working with VR stuff.

It’s a giant slide for a person-sized hamster ball

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  1. Definitely release it in some form, I’m down for fluid sims yo, and your stories are pretty consistently great. I’m less down for VR tumbling. *nausea ensues*

    also, UE4 is free dude. How cool is that?

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