Something out of left field

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Ahoy there! We’ve been working on Observatory for over a year now, and hoo-boy, this project has got a very long mid-section.  To alleviate the dreariness of the mid-project doldrums, we’re making a quick side-project.  We’re only a few days … Continued


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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? First off, I want to say that this blog post is the first of a slightly different variety than the ones before it. Up until now, has been my personal website to show … Continued

Something pretty

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We’ve been working with some art people lately.  Here’s a work-in-progress test scene for style/rendering in one of our upcoming VR games.   I put the moss in today – it’s an important thing because along with some more carefully-planned layouting, … Continued

Quick notes

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Hey hey – as usual, it’s been a little while. Right to business: Freelance Chemist is in a weird spot.  I like the game, but the types of puzzles it contains are definitely not for everyone, and the storyline seems … Continued

Options and a new background

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Freelance Chemist is getting closer and closer to completion…at this point, there are two puzzles that I still want to revise, but other than that, the only notable stuff left over is implementing the audio and visual assets as they … Continued

More fluid game progress

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Heyo –  the fluid game (which, if you haven’t been reading the post categories, is going to be titled “Freelance Chemist”) has been making more steady progress, though I’ve also started working on a contract programming job, so I can’t … Continued

Something else

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The fluid puzzler is still making good progress – I made a first draft of the last missing puzzle yesterday, so now it’s all playtesting, revising, polishing, putting in stuff from the other team members as it arrives (audio, visual art, … Continued

Fullscreen shaders

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Heyo – got another update that’s a little more…uh, visually interesting. Specifically, the fluid game is going to have two segments that use fullscreen shader effects: one’s a flashback and has that classic “degraded film” effect going on, and the other … Continued

A vague progress report

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The fluid puzzler is coming along really well!  Since it’s a short-form puzzle game, I don’t want to show too much of its actual content for fear of ruining some of the fun.  The current plan is to have 21 levels, and … Continued

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