Player motion

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I still don’t have any real character art for the player, but I know that the final design will work kinda like one of those Segway Scooter, but with a sphere instead of two wheels.  I recently updated the way … Continued

More about wallpapers

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  The current wallpaper generator uses a mix of fractal information and random noise.  The method works pretty much how I explained earlier, but with one important extra trick. The result of each pattern render is a mixture of big, … Continued

Finally, a video!

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As promised, here’s a narrated video of my buddy playing the stealth game.  I’ve only posted screenshots of this thing so far, so hopefully it’ll start to make some sense now! As an aside, the building’s outer walls in this … Continued


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In the interest of giving different in-game buildings more interesting little details, I’ve started working on some code that procedurally designs wallpapers.  I don’t have in-game screenshots yet because I need some more work before it’ll fit in correctly, but … Continued

More screenshots

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I finally started working on a proper lighting model for the stealth game…seems to help a lot!  Most of the light in the scene comes from the spawned lamps now, and it’s all based on the building’s color palette.  The … Continued