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Small usability update – a special “surveillance” overlay to show that a round hasn’t actually start yet while you’re checking out the level. Clicky clicky

An important announcement.

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I’ve finally decided:  I’m not going to bother with “dammit” or “damnit” anymore.  “Dammit” is a real word, but “damnit” looks better.  Well guess what?  From now on, I’m writing “damn it.”  Two words. Get pumped.

Olark is pretty cool.

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I love talking to people who play my games, and while grabbing a copy of the Humble Indie Bundle #2, I noticed that they used a cool little tool called Olark. Olark is a chat service for websites, and it … Continued

Company’s soundtrack is now available.

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Remember Company of Myself?  Remember the awesome tunes?  David Carney has just released improved and remastered versions of both tracks.  Also included is the piano sheet music for “Kathryn.” You can buy the soundtrack here.

This is a Work of Fiction.

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The game that I had previously mentioned called The Influence has a new name, and a lot more writing.  The new title is “This is a Work of Fiction.”  I don’t want to explain the whole story, but the title … Continued

Difficult call.

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I’m pretty set in the idea of working on one of two projects that I’ve got laid out now.  The first is Fix, which I explained at least vaguely in an earlier post.  I’m still writing up stuff for it, … Continued

Finally home.

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First of all, if you own an XBox, stop reading this, because I have something more important for you to do:  Go buy Limbo.  Play it right now.  It’s $15, and it’s better than every game I’ve ever made, and … Continued

No posts in a while…

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So I’ve been crazy busy with moving into a new apartment (in a new town) and some other stuff, so I’ve gotten kinda behind on updating the site.  Well, if you were hoping for that to change, I’ve got some … Continued

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