What’s been going on lately

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Okay, tons of updates, but they’re not all about Not the Robots. First of all, I got accepted into a really cool incubator program in Seattle called HouseOGames.  David Carney is taking part, too, which means that after years upon … Continued


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Alright, there’s been some problems with spam on the blog lately, so I set up a new spam blocker.  Hopefully it’ll work better than the previous one. In other news, This is a Work of Fiction continues to move along. … Continued

Some fixes for the website.

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Whoops, turns out my website was broken in a few ways.  Comments didn’t work for blog posts, and category pages didn’t work either.  The culprit was shifty URLs for both of them.  Should be fixed now.  Quick, post comments and … Continued

Like Easter, but no eggs.

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Alright, so the site is finally back online.  A friend of mine was hosting it for a while, but the surge of people visiting as a result of Spewer was enough for him to kick me back out onto the … Continued