The beginning of “Once More.”

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“Once More” is the working title of the game that I’m putting together now.

Anyone else getting tired of me switching projects?  Yeah, me too.

This one seems very promising.  It uses a mechanic that I’ve seen a few other games use, but I’ve never been totally satisfied with how they used it.  Didn’t flesh it out enough, didn’t expand enough.

Once More is a puzzle game with a heavy focus on narrative.  At this point, you can check out a really early version of it by hitting the tab near the top of the page.  Leave me some feedback in the comments–If you respond to anything in the game (“this level is too hard,” “i like the way this element feels,” “i’ve just discovered how truly shitty a game can be,” etc), I’ll put you in the credits as a tester.  It looks like it’s gonna end up being a big list.  Make sure you leave a name for yourself so I know who to credit.

Oh, be aware that there’s no art at all yet, so it’s all flat colors and rectangles.  Once the game is more or less finished, I’ll find an artist and get all that sorted out.  Until then, I like the idea of this being almost a solo project.

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  1. well, i think keep going with it i like it so far

  2. Hey array,

    dont be put of by changing projects u do have the ability to make a game! pls go on like this!

    For as far as I concern I will be waiting to c your game (will u be uploading it on,

    Cheerz Mate,

    ur Chatmasters bud,

    Kevin (lighthound)

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