Physics game update

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Hello again!  I’ve been doing some more plugging away at this physics game.  It might end up being called TrashTech?  That might be a stupid title.  I still can’t ever tell. The game’s been fleshed out some more in both … Continued


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Hello there!  Sorry it’s been so long since I posted anything. I’ve been studying up with Blender and Unity, and I recently started working on my first actual game using the two.  It’s not anything crazy, but it’s got rules … Continued

International Fake News Day

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Happy April, everyone!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any wacky fake announcements about whatever I’m working on, so hopefully you received enough shenanigans from other developers. I do, however, have a playable demo of the first thing I’ve managed to slap … Continued

Brace for impact

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Release day is tomorrow!  The game goes up on Armor first, and it’ll start appearing on other sites after two weeks or so. I don’t really have anything else to say about it for now.  Let’s all wish the game … Continued

Release date?

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David’s audio is done!  This game is looking suspiciously complete… Speaking of which, Fixation will release on on March 20th.  Tell your friends!

Nocturnal Blog’s preview of Fixation

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Damn people, just read this thing.  It’s so very well written, and I think it gives a really accurate and detailed taste of the game without spoiling anything. Do it to it!

Music is finished!

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David just finished up all of the music for Fixation.  He made TEN tracks for the game!  There’s a long loop for each of the five gameplay settings and five more (shorter) loops specially made for certain story points.  For … Continued

Almost time

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First things first:  It looks like Fixation will be complete some time next week.  Ben’s finished with all of the art assets, the code is more or less finished, and David says he’ll have the audio finished within a few … Continued

Alpha status

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The prequel to The Company of Myself has reached an official “alpha” state! In general, this means that all of the features and content are in place, but things will still get tweaked and revised before the game is finished. … Continued


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Since I’ve got a full collection of levels, I’ve been getting into the few remaining tasks left in the prequel’s code.  Right now, there are four important features that are still missing: A pause menu A comic strip viewer Save … Continued

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