A new title, and more progress.

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Once More’s title has changed.  The new title is The Company of Myself.

Aside from that, I also finished a major section of the game–Specifically, the chunk that revolves around Kathryn, a person from the main character’s past.  She doesn’t have art quite yet, but Luka is getting her some animation either today or tomorrow.

This section was the last major design hurdle in the game, so it feels damn good to have it working.  Almost from the beginning of the game’s development, I’ve been debating how the girl would affect gameplay.  The way it works now feels good, is easy to understand, and fits perfectly with the game’s story.  It’s a win on every front!

The last thing to decide now is how to end the game.  The original plan was that the game would simply be a character study, instead of being a “beginning-to-end” narrative.  It would be sort of like asking a person to tell you about their life.  They’d talk for a while, and eventually not have anything left to say.  Their story isn’t over (unless you’re somehow talking to a dead dude), but they’ve said everything that they can.  This works fine for a conversation, but as much as I want it to work in a game setting, I don’t know if it would.  It would just feel too wishy-washy.

It’s still up for grabs, really.  I’ll decide on something soon.  The game should be done in a week or two.

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  1. Waiting =)

  2. I’ll find some time to post something soon–I moved into college a week or so ago, so things have been pretty frantic.

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