A very brief intermission, and some character art.

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I took a one day break from Once More to do a quick commissioned job for an old friend of mine.  I’m not gonna bother going into detail about the game that amounted from this endeavor, because it’s intensely uninteresting and you have more important things to worry about.

Speaking of Once More, it’s got some character art, finally.  You can check it out in the demo.  Our little guy is now a person, and he’s got all of his little animations working.  Walking, jumping, falling, pulling levers, etc.  Things are going well.  I’m going to have to revise some of the monologue, though, because I sort of changed up the character’s background.  He’s also going to need a name, which I haven’t settled on yet.

For the people who haven’t talked to me directly about it, you may or may not (…but most likely not) have been wondering what the game is actually about.  Here’s the gist of it.

The main character is a hermit.  He finds himself unable to form relationships with other people.  Each puzzle in the game is a representation of him getting through his mundane problems throughout the day–He’s not literally jumping around and pulling levers.  The cloning mechanic is his way of visualizing his necessity to do more by himself than the average person, because he can’t rely on other people to help him anymore.

I don’t plan on giving the game any overarching storyline, but instead just having it be a little character study of this man.  One section will follow a little miniature story while he recalls what made him so repellant to other people (this section deals with Kathryn, who is mentioned once in passing in the current build).

Basically, it’s artsy as fuck because I’m a douche and that’s what I felt like doing.

Progress continues.

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  1. The Company of Myself, is the best flash game ever made, terrific story. It’s just perfect everywhere.

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