Once More’s music and sound.

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Things are still moving along nicely, as far as Once More is concerned.  Music and sound are now up and running!  The sounds aren’t completely tweaked out yet, so some of them aren’t quite perfect, but they’re all at least close.

I had originally thought that Danny B. was going to write the music for the game, but through some miscommunication, it ended up being David Carney that did it instead.  All is well, though–David did a really good job.  You can check out the demo version to hear one of the two songs he put together for the game.  He also handled the sound effects, so double props for David.

We’re continuing to work on the main character, which has proven to be much more difficult than I expected.  The green cyclops guy that’s in the current demo is definitely not going to remain in the game–Once we’ve got his replacement, I’ll put it online.  We’ve got something good going, so hopefully it’ll turn out nicely.

So far, the game has over 50 testers, all of which will be listed in the credits.  If you want to join them in the tester army, try out the demo and give me some feedback.

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