Company nears completion, and a literal blank canvas.

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Company of Myself is basically done, and all it needs now is a little bit of business to close out. I’m cutting off sponsor bids tomorrow, so I’ll know who’s paying for it then, and we can finish everything up and get ads in place and all that jazz. Look for the game pretty soon.

Those of you with keen eyes might have noticed that there’s a new demo up in the tabs–This is crazy early in development (…maybe an hour or so, total), and there isn’t much to see yet.  At this point it’s basically just one of those little drawing apps, except that it’s got a nice and scratchy feel to it.  Some slightly fancy bitmap filtering gives the edges of your brushstrokes a bit of chunkiness.  I’m not very good at explaining it, but just take a look and you’ll understand.

You can’t tell how the game’s going to play from the demo, but the whole thing is built purely around customization and user-made content.  The painting is the way you create your own art assets for the game–When you make a level, you have a ton of visual control over it.  You can redraw anything you want–Character, level, etc.  The scratchy painting style would hopefully ensure that even though each person draws stuff differently, you could always tell that they’re from the same game.  It’s relatively subtle, but it should be a good enough cue to make you recognize the game.

Again though, this is all tentative.  We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

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