Finally, some story info for Grief.

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I figure I’ve held off long enough, and since no one really knows about me anyway, there’s not a whole lot of point in keeping secrets.  Here’s how Grief works.

Grief is about the psychologist from the end of Company.  His name is Henry.  Near the beginning of the game, he finds out that he is dying of a newly discovered illness.  The rest of the game is split up into chapters that are based on the five stages of grief.  These are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance.  The player unlocks abilities that coincide with the current stage.

There are four characters in Grief.  Henry is the lead.  His daughter, Liz, is the most directly affected by Henry’s illness, though she doesn’t understand it, since Henry doesn’t want to admit to her that he is dying.  Dr. Parson shows up periodically to study Henry’s illness, though it’s clear that he has no intention of finding a cure.  He is only interested in making a name for himself.  Finally, the grim reaper shows up periodically to help Henry understand and manage his fate.  The grim reaper is interpreted differently than the average “black cloak and sickle” that we’re all accustomed to.  In Grief, Grim looks like an average person (In fact, in this case, he looks like Henry).  He’s generally laid back and calm; possibly indifferent.  He’s not trying to show off and terrify people.  Intimidating because of his position, maybe, but not because of his demeanor.

If you take a look at the current version (the tab near the top of the page, under the title), you can test out the first version of the gun that Henry acquires at the beginning of Anger.  For those who are interested, the bullets are physically simulated–They have mass and all that.  In certain cases, it’s possible to bounce one off of something and hit something else.

I’ve also been looking around for voice actors and a character artist.  I’ll let everyone know once I’ve got a team on lock down.

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  1. High-Lord Vin

    no mention of Jack…

  2. Nope. As we learned in the end of Company, Henry has stopped visiting Jack. The time there has affected him, for sure, and it drives some of his decision making that leads up to the game. However, Jack is not a character in Grief.

  3. will jack be in another installment, if you decide to make one?

  4. This sounds incredibly fascinating.

  5. I do voice work and music in my free time.

    I don’t think I’m anything special, but my friends really like my stuff, and I find them entertaining.

    I cannot do character art, not at all.

    Feel free to shoot me an email, if you want.

  6. Looking foward to this game a lot now. I can see that grim is going to appear somewhere in acceptance.

  7. How do I use the gun in the “grief” demo?

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