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Since I still don’t have a title for it yet, I’m going to be referring to the new game as Grief for the time being.  I wish that Grief would work as a final title, because it does have a bit of zing to it, but it’s completely un-Google-friendly.  Way too common of a word for a Flash game that relies so heavily on the viral nature of the internet.

So, Grief.  The story is coming along very nicely–I’ve got some good ideas cooking.  It’ll turn out good.  I still approve of Company’s ending, but it’s a little too out of left field for me to be completely satisfied.  A really good twist ending should come from somewhere that makes sense, while still being surprising.  I don’t know whether or not Grief will have a twist ending.  It’s possible.  We’ll have to wait and see.

I did some more work on the engine and editor.  They’re both coming along gorgeously.  The editor is going to be capable of some pretty cool shit by the time it’s done.  The engine has some basic postprocessing stuff worked in now, too–This is possible because I’m using my own bitmap renderer instead of using Flash’s standard stuff.  At this point there are two effects.  The first is a desaturation filter, which just takes out all the color in the image.  The second is gloom, which is like the opposite of bloom.  Bloom makes bright light sort of spill out into shapes around it.  Gloom does the same thing with dark areas.  Much more fitting to the tone of the game.

More editor work for now, and we’re getting ready to start working with the game’s visual style.  Should be an interesting process, for sure.

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