Some design edits for Grief…

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So, Grief was originally supposed to be a game that featured pretty big levels that contained lots of little challenges that you could approach in any order.  I like the idea, but I don’t think it’d quite work out in the end–It doesn’t have enough focus.  I think I’m going to instead aim for an approach more similar to Company–Small levels that feature one main challenge per level.  It’s much easier for me to control, design-wise, so I think I can create a tighter overall product like this.  As a side effect, smaller levels means less stress on the physics engine, which means better performance on slower machines.  Box2D is incredibly fast, but even so, better performance is better performance.

There are still more design problems to solve, but I’m getting much closer to having a full view of things.  The story is reaching some awesome places as well.  This is going to be good.

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  2. I would love the idea of a large level with many little puzzles. Perhaps you can make a smaller game about that some other time. In any case, I am really looking forwards to this game.

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