Pieces start to fit together.

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Give the Breach 3 demo another try.  It’s got some new goodies, including a more standard level progression (no more of that slider business) and some personality.  The game is now set inside of an AI, where you are tasked with removing viruses that are corrupting her systems.  She talks to you between levels.  It gives me lots of room to write, which is always fun as hell for me, and the game can get some humor and mood chucked in there for good measure.  Bonus points:  This is the same type of AI as the one featured in You Find Yourself In A Room, and the much more belligerent AI from that one can make appearances here.  The two games tie in with each other in at least a relatively interesting way.

Oh, also, make sure you try out the Zero Writes.  They’re bombs that kill everything on the screen.  I’m really satisfied with how they feel at the moment, and I can’t wait to get sound worked in so that these guys can make some noise.

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