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The Company of Myself just won the award for Best Indie Game at the 2010 Mochis, which is a part of the Flash Gaming Summit.  I couldn’t make it out to the event because it’s in California and I’m not, but David, the music guy for Company, got out there and accepted the award in my absence.  I’m also nominated for some kind of “rising star” award from the Tech Council in my area, but that’s not until early April.  Interestingly I got the phone call for that while I was waiting on the announcement about the Mochis.

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  1. Polygeist

    Congratulations! From what I’ve seen of your work, you deserve the recognition.

    Keep up the good stuff for us flash game players. :)

  2. Congrats! You do great work.

  3. Grats man! Keep em coming.

  4. Woo! This thing is going to be a pain to ship.

  5. MikeChilds

    Great stuff 2D, keep up the good work

  6. Support all the way! Keep up the good work.

  7. High-Lord Vin

    :O a award thing for video games! That beats the Oscars!

    Is it on TV and is their a youtube video?

    Also, you deserve it

    p.s. I keep getting the security code wrong -.-‘

  8. Hey, I’m what you’d call a struggling actor, and I’d love to help you out with voice work for the games if you need. Just get in touch with me on the email address I’ve provided.

    Loved Company, glad there’s a sequel to be expected :)

  9. Vin, you can see a recording of the Mochi Awards here.

  10. Hey,

    Congratz. Keep up the great work. Enjoyed playing the game !

  11. The Company of Myself definetly derserves an award! Its not only a fun game, but theres an interesting story line to it. My favorite game online! Congratulations!

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