A poem.

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I don’t get all that much fanmade content (excluding the extremely badass Spewer tattoo), but someone just sent me a poem that they wrote about Company, and I figured I’d share it with the class.  Props to Kevin Hoecherl, you’re pretty awesome!

“the company of myself”

a finite square of greenest grass
with two flowers separate, alone, at last
united in loneliness, colorful solidarity
holding aloft their petals in a sorrowful scene

perfectly matched to complete any trial
hearts synced together, relying on each other for survival
a perfect hideaway, kept in a safe place
until today i awoke, to find its loss without a trace

now only the companionship of myself in this solitude
the remorse for what i was unable to do
as the dawn breaks, the stars fade to gray
and all thats left is the meaningless charade

repetitious shadows that deliver me safely
along with overwhelming guilt that enslaves me daily
two flowers remain, a testament to all we went through
but i miss you. i miss you. i miss you

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  1. Polygeist

    That’s a fine poem.

    Is it worth working the text into a game? It might make an epic intro to Grief. (That is, if Company’s story is related enough to Grief’s.) Just a thought.

  2. Polygeist might be on to something… You might wanna listen to him.

    P.S. I would have bolded the mights, but I’m not sure how :(

  3. Man, Eli. Send me this guys email, I want to make this into a song for the Grief album.

  4. Thats an excellent poem! and it would be lovely as a song, or intro.

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