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So, to start off with a summary, I started over with a lot of the work on Grief.  The engine wasn’t fast enough, and the script wasn’t tight enough.  Got a shitload of work done on both over the past week or so (since from now until June, this is the only thing that I have to work on, at all).  You can see where the new engine in the Grief Demo tab, up top.  The character works way better than before, and that’s a really big improvement in my eyes.  This is the third time I’ve tried making a platformer with Box2D, and I think I might have really gotten it down now.  The way he works is at least vaguely interesting, so I’ll probably write something about it in the near future.

Also, I hooked up the Jack animations from Company so that he wouldn’t be a green rectangle anymore.  Once I find a character artist, I’ll get the actual game art put in.

Everything is working better than before, and I’m satisfied.

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  1. Gustavs

    My advice would be to give up on Box2d entirely. Physics need not be so painful. :p

    Nape or Physaxe would be better choices.

    Sorry for the late response, forgot to when you posted.

  2. Can’t compare it to the previous demo since I wasn’t around to play it, but things definitely seem to be running nicely. When I read you were basing the game off the Kübler-Ross model (which I’ve always found fascinating) I became even more eager to see the final game. Keep up the good work!

  3. out of curiosity, where do you usually find your character artists?

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