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Viricide has been packed up and sent off into the real world, so you’ll hopefully be seeing it on various game sites pretty soon.  At the time of writing this, it’s on at least Armor and Kongregate.  Reviews are about where I expected–Generally, people like it, but it’s not for everyone and some people dislike certain things here and there.  There are plenty of positive reviews, but those are no fun, so here’s a sampling of the negative ones, courtesy of and its userbase.

What an emo game writer…

This got fucking depressing towards the end


storyline makes no sense

I very don’t like this game

Fun, but not that fun at the same time.

The tiny enemy is the worst bastard ever in a flash game.

holy cow she sounds like oprah

and graphic is dumb
voice is dumb

Bad game, using mouse for shooting just plain sucks

I like the chalkboard sound before the armor games logo thats about it.

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  1. Hahaha, that’s some constructive criticism!

    Congratulations on the great game, I don’t think I’ve blinked for about the last hour I’ve been playing it. The way the final boss molded around the incoming shots was really neat!

  2. Negative reviews don’t deserve to be taken into account (not sure of my translation here) if they aren’t constructed and objectives.

    To only say “boring” or “gay” or “emo” only reflects the incapacity of the player to have a respectful point of view and to make a correct criticism. So, we, you should not even read them ! =)

    To like or not to like a game is a matter of taste, after all, but to write a correct review is the minimum we should all do. But… We are on Internet.

    Great game, I spent a hour on it, upgrading again and again, and listening to that AI I really like. Felt sad to disable her Emotive Core. She was engaging.
    Oh and… I saw in the background -where there is supposed to be 0 and 1 bits- a “2” bit. Oo

  3. pengyfinfin

    awesome game, the ending sucks cuz its so freaking sad. disappointing.

  4. Loved it. Played it twice through, great way to pass time between lectures and sometimes during them. Can’t wait for you next game till then I’m off to play Company.

  5. Overall a great game, I’d like to specify what I think might be misunderstood though. American culture at the very least enjoys happy endings, regardless of if they make sense while other cultures celebrate tragedies and the like a bit more. That being said I’d have to agree with most and say I would have liked a happier ending over the one you gave. However it would have never had the crushing emotional blow it had if you would have went that route. Keep up the good work.

    Criticism includes the gameplay overall being entertaining enough to keep you going from one plot point to the next however the plot is weak when opening up and it seems to only really gain focus once the AI is attacked and then opens up to the player later on and this is where the game really shines. The voice acting really sells the story quite well.

    I think practically all your negative points come from the initial few minutes of the game, your player is initially extremely weak and the the enemies arn’t very interesting for what I expect was the attempt not to overwhelm the player which was wise however it isn’t very memorable or particularly fun until you first meet the AI’s voice and even then doesn’t really pick up towards the end. Your going to receive a lot of flack because of this initial fighting and plot is weak.

    I probably didn’t explain this particularly well and I’m probably explaining things you’ve already found out for yourself however I find it helps hearing such things from a second individual all the same. Either way you’ve got yourself a fan.


  6. The game is depressing and needs a sequal i think. But that does not mean it is a bad game. I really enjoyed playing it… nice job!

  7. Polygeist

    Congratulations on finishing this project! I found it on Jay Is Games and played all the way through it at once. This is such a great game! Few shooters like this have such an engaging story. Good job!

  8. Excuse my language, but fuck those people. I nearly cried when I finished the last level, and no game has ever done anything like that to me before. If there was anything to change, the gameplay might not have stood up to the story. But Viricide isn’t a game, it’s a work of art. Almost Portal levels of awesome. Thankyou.

  9. Rectilinear Propagation

    I don’t think the line about the tiny enemy is necessarily a negative review. I think they’re just pointing out that the small circles that follow you are hard enemies.

    I don’t understand why someone thinks the story makes no sense. What’s not to get?

  10. 😀 My stories have some crushing endings too. Just finished it, I think that the touches like 1’s and 0’s floating around and the overall polish is what sets it apart.

  11. Terminatorn

    Wow… The Game was an Eye-opener…

    I think this would be applied in the near future (What is meant to be applied is the AI have emotions and it disrupts their system) and would be a great storyline for a movie or novel….

    Peculiarly Familiar…. >.<

  12. Great game man, you have to make a sequel; maybe have 1’s as well as the 0’s and separate what they buy (like 0’s for offensive and 1’s for defensive upgrades), have a level where you blow up that other AI, change the color scheme for different enemies. At first i thought the virus’s you fight in the game were the patches the designer made and the robot was really just using you. But yeh very entertaining, definitely think about that sequel.

  13. The thing I didn’t like about the ending was that you were, in a way, forced to make a choice you wouldn’t necessarily have had in real life. Video games are interactive, but that was stolen from me when I was forced to destroy the Emotive core. If I had been given a choice, I think it would have had higher emotional impact. I did like the game, but I thought that one aspect of it was rather disappointing.

  14. High-Lord Vin

    “I very don’t like this game”

    haha, you were right; the negatives are funner to read

  15. Playing this game made me want to go play portal for some reason

  16. Shyamalan

    I just finished this game, and I have to say, I loved it. The writing was creative and humourous, the voice acting was top-notch and I especially enjoyed the callbacks to YFYIAR, which was one of my favourite games. The ending really had an impact on me. When the heart came on the screen, cracked and pulsating, I just sat there and stared at it for a good minute or so. I didn’t want to shoot it, but in the end I knew I had to. Congratulations on making such a great game.

  17. this game is really good and original.. but I wonder what would make a gamewriter make such a sad game =/ it’s written so well that i couldn’t stop playing it, and the ending completely devastated me. If this really is your story, then i can only tell that you should open yourself like you did when making this game, to other people. they are the ones who bring happiness in this life, not your shadow :/ i wish you the best .

  18. Wow.

    At first, I played it without sounds and though, huh, the writing is pretty witty. Then I turned on the sounds and realized the voice acting is awesome. Level design was also pretty good. And the end was heart breaking indeed.


    1. FFS, the mouse lag. *** ** **** YOU **** ****** *** ***** MOTHER ****** *** ** ** ** **** IN A FIRE.

    2. Could use more music tracks. Probably because it felt like playing softcore version of Bullet Candy.

    3. Something else I forgot. Maybe fullscreen mode or something.

    Now I need to go play Bullet Candy. You bastard.

  19. Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading. Thanks for the great content. Look forward to coming back for more.

  20. samabizzle

    pengyfinfin :
    awesome game, the ending sucks cuz its so freaking sad. disappointing.

    Another great review to add to the list. 😀

  21. samabizzle

    <blockquote cite="#commentbody-1332">
    <strong><a href="#comment-1332">pengyfinfin</a> :</strong>
    <P>awesome game, the ending sucks cuz its so freaking sad. disappointing.</P>
    Another great review to add to the list. 😀

  22. Nicely written and thanks for the information…

  23. Actually, I like to hear the negative of something first, as it doesn’t raise your expectations and leaves you happy with the end product!! So, I found the game quite interesting and absorbing and I think there are more positives in the Viricide!! I guess it takes a while to really get the hang of the game and it’ll take a month or so to get the real feedback of the game – so let us wait and watch!!

  24. This is quite interesting, especially for the gamers. Do not be discouraged by criticisms; consider them as a challenge and prove to the people that you can succeed.

  25. @rapid prototypes
    I also like hearing the negative first so that I don’t raise my expectations too high. I then enjoy the product that much more!

  26. Game is good from the beginning to the end but at last i was little bit disappointed as it is too sad at last. But Afterall the Games is superb.

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