Difficult call.

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I’m pretty set in the idea of working on one of two projects that I’ve got laid out now.  The first is Fix, which I explained at least vaguely in an earlier post.  I’m still writing up stuff for it, and I’ve got some damn good ideas.  The extreme basics of the engine work, but I’ve got a lot more to do on that front before there’s anything really presentable.

The second project might be called The Influence, and it’s a puzzle-horror game.  It’s a story about the biggest fucking conspiracy ever.  Like, take the sort of cheesy idea of a shadow organization, but extend it to Lovecraftian scales, where it doesn’t even really exist as a normal entity anymore.  The basic goal is to make you paranoid about every single thing in your day.  The enemy isn’t just everywhere.  It’s everything.

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  1. I’m loving the idea of The Influence, you should work hard on that one, and fast, I can’t wait to play it.

  2. High-Lord Vin

    I don’t know but I lol’ed when I read: “The enemy isn’t just everywhere. It’s everything.”

  3. Maybe this Influence game could buy you time to do something while you think about how to make Grief feasible, eh? If you care what some guy on the internet thinks though, I’d go with doing Fix first.

  4. Loving the idea of Influence, not sure what sort of puzzle you’re Might be a bit repetitive though, lest you change the whole theme and make it some kind of psychological thriller that brainfucks with everyone. Kinda like everyone around him’s getting killed one by one, shit freaky messages and same things repeated everywhere, he goes all paranoid till he finds out that he’s the source of all the weird shit himself in the end.

    Yeh know, kinda like games in a hitchcock form of method.

  5. A thought just occurred to me, YFYIAR had some great spooky effects mixed, the text also added to suspense. Imo, The Influence might work out better as a text game, though in a different form.

  6. Asfsadf, got some new ideas for both Influence and Grief, is there a way I can get in contact with you other then through this site?

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