Finally home.

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First of all, if you own an XBox, stop reading this, because I have something more important for you to do:  Go buy Limbo.  Play it right now.  It’s $15, and it’s better than every game I’ve ever made, and it’s better than every game that I’ve ever played.

Anyway, I’m back from Edmonton, now, which means I’m back to my own work.  I’m still in a state of never being actually satisfied with how Grief plays, so I’m gonna let the project rest for a bit and work on something else.  The script is mostly finished, and I like it a lot, so that’s all good.  The gameplay needs, once again, to be redesigned, though.  Best course of action that I can see is to let the ideas churn for the time being, and work on another game for my contract with Armor.

At the moment, I’m calling this new game “Chivalry is Dead.”  More details when things start to come together.

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  1. Welcome back Eli,

    Just out of curiosity. When developing your games, you obviously prototype a lot, but in general, I’m curious. Does the script/concept come after prototyping the gameplay or does the gameplay come after you’ve got a solid idea/story outlined?

    Perhaps it’s a nice blend, but it sounds like you iterate a lot. Just curious is all. :)

  2. High-Lord Vin

    Welcome back

    also I don’t have an x-box :(

  3. Katrina Mercado

    Is this any different from WII? I am sorry I am new to these things. I recently purchase WII.
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