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As it stands, I’ve got three games that have good stories but no gameplay yet.  Here’s a quick runthrough of them.  These will most likely be the last three games for my contract with Armor, unless something cooler comes around.

1)  Chivalry is Dead

This is a game about the roles we put ourselves in, and the relationships we form with each other.  The White Knight feels obligated to save the princess from the castle, mostly because he knows that this is the sort of thing that the White Knight is supposed to be doing.  CiD sits somewhere between drama and dark humor at this point–I’ll very likely shift it more towards dark humor as I continue to write for it.

2)  Fix

Fix may or may not be a prequel to Company.  I haven’t decided yet.  Limbo has put me in a “whole game in one level” mood, so that’s how Fix plays.  If it ends up being a prequel, then you’ll be playing as Kathryn.  Either way, the game features a recurring motif of the player occasionally passing through a strangely realistic house, and watching it slowly become more and more decrepit as you get through the game.  Braid is to Company as Limbo is to Fix.

3)  Grief

In development hell for quite a while now, but still present.  I’m taking a break from this one to work on one of the other two first, because the gameplay that was coming along just plain old wasn’t good enough.  It wasn’t fresh enough, it wasn’t satisfying enough.  Wasn’t anything special, and that’s no good, so I’ll let it sit on the back burner for now, until I figure out something better.

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  2. “it is better to destroy, than to create what is meaningless”

    Glad youre not just rushing into making grief when you recognise it brings nothing new to the table, thats how i work! touche!!

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