Company’s soundtrack is now available.

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Remember Company of Myself?  Remember the awesome tunes?  David Carney has just released improved and remastered versions of both tracks.  Also included is the piano sheet music for “Kathryn.”

You can buy the soundtrack here.

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  1. Hm. Nice, I’ll pick that up. I really like that “name your own price” thing. It’s an interesting business model.

  2. :) Cool! I love the music in Company. I’ve been waiting for it to become available!

  3. @Dirjel
    Me too! I love buying things using the name your price model. People have been really generous so far :)

    Thanks! I hope you guys like these re-worked versions. I really like the strings I added in Jack

  4. samabizzle

    I love the soundtracks in Company!
    Its odd though…when I first played the game I found them quite peaceful…but when I finished the game and played it for a second time, I found them rather eerie and dark. :/

  5. I wish i could buy them. Im not allowed to. Sorry :(

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