Level design is finished.

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I’ve been sick for a few days, which is Cantonese for “I haven’t been able to get anything done.”  I’m feeling better now, though, and today’s my first day back at work.

Work of Fiction now has twenty solid levels.  Five puzzle types with four puzzles each.  The document select window also works, but you can’t actually inspect the documents yet.  David is really close to finishing the sound, and with that and a few more random features (like saving progress and unlocking levels/docs), we’ll be totally done.

Remember that one time when you promised to give me feedback if I put up a new version of the game for public testing?  I don’t either, but I uploaded the current version anyway.  You can play it by hitting the “Fiction” tab near the top.  Please give me feedback.

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  1. High-Lord Vin

    your adding saving progress and unlocking levels/docs!?!?

    wow your ambitious!!!

  2. I loved the game Company Of My Self. Loved the sound, design and the most important thing the story.

    I`m trying to find the email subscribe button on this blog!

  3. This sounds exciting & at the same time it will help our IQ to get improve…

  4. Cesar Vega

    Amazing. Just amazing. If this is only a demo… I can’t imagine how awesome the finished product will be. Loved YFYIAR and Company of Me. Can’t wait. Keep up the hard work.

  5. Ive plaid the game and I beleive one of the files said God is fake and i am catholic so i completely disagree and find this game very offensive

  6. I like the gamem yet I think I’m too immature to understand the conspiracy theory. But I actually haven’t beaten any farther than round 2, 😛

  7. I didn’t know about the Cantonese excuse. I hope don’t get barraged by Cantonese people saying you are politically incorrect LOL.

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