And now, for something completely unrelated.

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Now that Fisher-Diver is released, I can finally get back to work on the prequel to Company.  Be afraid!

But in the meantime…

Hit the “Ascii Wave Demo” up top for a little toy I’ve been making over the past few days.  Particularly difficult math compared to what I have to do for my actual games, which I guess made it particularly good practice.  I find that I enjoy math a lot more now that I’m not doing it in a classroom.  Actually, this seems to be true for pretty much any activity I can think of.

Flash Player 11 is recommended, because it seems to help this gizmo’s awful performance quite a bit.

Oh, and by the way, the original impetus for this was a post on (a neat website for bored programmers) challenging people to create a script that rendered circles to the output console.  Thanks to Jordan for that!

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  1. Neomonster

    Seems cool. I’m gonna check it out richt now.

  2. thanks men awsome littel toy xD and i realy realy look forward to your prequel i will check the site evry hour from now on xD

  3. It only just occured to me that I’ve been waiting for 2 years for a sequel, or rather prequel, to TCoM. Must – be – patient.

  4. Oh god, please don’t kill me for the double post, but I really really have to do this.

    occurred* 😐

  5. Maybe the most saddest yet twisted game i ever played but it felt good to get my story out there in the world…. my life. Thank you Eli….. the green box awaits us

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