Fisher-Diver is out!

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Hey everybody!  Fisher-Diver went live yesterday.  It’s site-locked to for a week, and after that we’ll start allowing it to spread around.  I’ll also be able to use this time to make some final adjustments and bug fixes according to the feedback that comes through.

Click here to play the game.

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  1. what a game
    the game’s soundtrack is phenomenal
    please give me a download link for soundtrack in the game
    keep up the good work

  2. Thanks a ton Cinderalla Man. So much work and thought went into the audio :)
    You can get the soundtrack here

  3. oh man you remind me of ( the company of myself ) when i check the link , BTW it was a pretty game and the music just stick with me
    but let’s back to Fisher-Diver, i cant find the soundtrack :( all i get is for another games like viricide , reachin pichin and other.

  4. Neomonster

    The game is so much fun! Also, good work with the soundtrack, David. I found myself playing it for a few hours.

    However, I got confused. Is there an easier way to know when the fish is dead other than having to come closer and see if it’ll be attracted to the player? Still, alot of fun, nonethless. :)

  5. Would it be giving too much away to ask if there are multiple endings?

  6. SBRedFlag

    Great game, but it doesn’t seem to save? I played for an hour or so, and got most of the upgrades, but then decided to log in to Armor Games, so I had to leave the page. When I came back, the only option was “New Game”, and I couldn’t be bothered to play the whole game again…
    I really want to know the ending, haha……. The endings are the best part of your games, always, 2D

  7. Just played through. Awesome atmosphere.

  8. Hey, I encountered a couple of bugs playing it (on Armor, earlier today).

    First–when I started playing through the second time, when I got to the “nightmare” bit (where you start out underwater) I managed to mostly evade the fish (I did get bitten, but not enough to die!), and I just swam up as far as I could. Eventually I stopped being able to swim up or move around at all. While I was stuck there, one or two large fish came and sort of just… swam around overlapping me, without biting me (I don’t think I even saw the red squares). It just stayed like that for a bit, with the fish wiggling around and me not being able to move, and didn’t seem like it was going to end, so I reloaded the page (it was fine after reloading). This only happened once–I tried to make it happen again, but the fish were able to bite me the next few times. (I do always stop being able to move after a bit, so I assume that part’s intentional.)

    Also, when I have the game open–even in another tab–my cursor behaves oddly within my browser. If I move it over a link, it will change to the “hand” as usual, but then it will immediately change back to the arrow. Likewise if if I move it over text, it will change to the “I-beam” as usual, but will immediately change back. This starts happening as soon as the game gets to the main menu and stops if I close the tab.

    I’m using version of Flash Player on Firefox; I’m not sure if that matters (I was using a slightly older version of Flash player, but I updated it to see if the cursor thing would stop–it didn’t). (The cursor thing doesn’t happen with other flash games, though.)

    That said, it’s a really cool, eerie game, and I really enjoyed it.

    (I hope this is an okay place to put this. I don’t have an Armour account.)

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