New Blog, Fisher-Diver’s Imminent Release, Unrelated Adventures

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First off, you noticed the new layout, right?  Maybe this is how coquettes feel when they decide on a new hair style.

Basically, I fucked up the old website with my goofy shenanigans and couldn’t seem to fix it, so I reinstalled WordPress and picked a shiny new template.  It’s wonderfully simple and ought to make browsing this site a little more pleasant.  Props to the designer (whose link is sitting at the very bottom of the page)!

Second, Fisher-Diver is juuuuuuuust about ready for release.  Literally any day now.  Not sure how long Armor will take to put it up (since they have all this stuff prescheduled), but they usually take a week or less.

Finally, just for fun, here are two photographs I took a couple of days ago.

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  1. Wow, nice pictures. Where were you? Looks very… doomy.

  2. Neomonster

    The new blog is looking very nice, and those photos are awesomely cool.
    Can’t wait to play Fisher-Diver.

  3. It’s some kinda park/dog walking area near where I live. There happen to be a few really old buildings on the property–There’s two little buildings and three of those storage (?) tower things.

  4. If I remember G.151956 and use it in one of your games at a later date, can I have a very special easter egg?

    Anyway, nice photos. I look forward to playing the final release of Fisher.

  5. I played your latest game Fisher-Diver and I keep experiencing a bug where the controls are stuck with the “right” key (player keeps moving to the right). This happened twice on and it makes the game unplayable as you can no longer return to your ship. Other than this critical bug, the game is great.

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