Chapter One rough drafts

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Hey everybody.  I’ve finally (!!!) started working on levels for the prequel to The Company of Myself.  I’ve got a nice roadmap for all 40 planned levels, and I have at least a rough plan for almost all of the game’s puzzles.  This is all much better planned out than the original game, so expect better pacing and a fuller/more satisfying utilization of mechanics–in the first game, for instance, the Checkpoint mechanic is only used in one level, and that’s just plain goofy.

So far, I’ve made “rough drafts” for all eight of the first chapter’s levels.  These will all be adjusted to some extent before they’re ready to ship, but all of the gameplay scenarios, dialogue, etc are working as intended so far.  Since my last post was a massive wall of text, I’ll shut up for a bit and let you look at some screenshots.  Note that there’s still various bits of placeholder art strewn around (the corner of thought bubbles and the doors are most notable in these shots).

Have a nice weekend!

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  1. Neomonster

    Can’t waaaaaaait. c:
    The screen shots are looking awesome, and the dialogues are interesting. Keep it up!

  2. Hey 2darray..
    You are doing an amazing job and im thrilled to play this game :) Enjoyed the first part of the game a lot !
    Now can you tell what software you use to make these games ? I have studied flash but im nowhere near to this .IT would be great if you can give some tips or advice some softwares that are good for a newbie like me ! Mail me if you can too ! :)

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