Design-Levels-December continues…

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I’m still at a loss for a title, but as of now, I’ve got 23 functional levels for Company’s prequel (and they’re coming along beautifully!).  This means I’m more than halfway there!  Ben Jelter has mainly been working on end-of-chapter comic strips, and David Carney is cooking away at the music.  We’re still aiming to be done some time around the end of the year, but it’ll take a little time after then to have the game totally set for release.  Still, it seems safe to expect to see the game go live some time in January.

And because you asked so nicely, here’s a screenshot from Chapter 2.  Note that all of the previous levels shown and this one, too, will eventually be dressed up by Ben to look prettier.

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  1. Yah, the name is always the worst; I also finding names for my characters to be pretty hard :/

    also, i’ll make sure to play it first thing when it comes out

  2. I am so excited for this game… its kinda like climbing the rope in gym class!!!!!!!!!!

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