Happy Holidays

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I hope everyone’s having a nice winter, and if Christmas is your thing, merry Christmas!  Please be sure to thank everyone thoroughly and sincerely if you get any presents.

Here’s a screenshot of the (work-in-progress) visuals for Chapter 4, “The Swamp.”  It’s still missing all of the foliage and detail objects, so you can expect much more densely detailed scenery in the actual game.

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  1. “and if Christmas is your thing, merry Christmas!”

    I like that; I do the same thing

  2. Hey ,
    I am the guy who asked you how your games are made .. Most probably you don’t remember be . I just came here to ask you for some help . Since you must be excellent in Flash and actionscript , do you know some sources ,(websites,pdfs,tutorials) or any stuffs that can teach me actionscript ? I know flash well but actionscript is the problem . I have learnt OOPS and i don’t know anything about actionscript . Hope i get a reply to my mail :)

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