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Since I’ve got a full collection of levels, I’ve been getting into the few remaining tasks left in the prequel’s code.  Right now, there are four important features that are still missing:

  • A pause menu
  • A comic strip viewer
  • Save data
  • Cheat codes

The main menu is coded, and it includes a nice little level select grid with 25×25 pixel thumbnails of each level (1/20th of normal scale).  These are rendered from bits of the game’s actual level data, which means that if I make changes to the levels, the thumbnails will automatically stay up-to-date.  Here are the thumbnails for the first two chapters.  How cute!

Have a nice Monday night.

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  1. Congrats Man ! Cant wait for the game to actually come out ! I’m impressed ! Really Impressed ! The levels look cool in that 25×25 😀
    Cheat codes? Nice ! Thats a cool addition :)

  2. […] are also two more screens for credits and the level select grid, but you’ll have to wait for the actual release to see […]

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