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Release day is tomorrow!  The game goes up on Armor first, and it’ll start appearing on other sites after two weeks or so.

I don’t really have anything else to say about it for now.  Let’s all wish the game the best of luck!

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  1. yah. what time

  2. I need this game in my life

  3. its live right now btw; damn that first lev of the swamp XD

  4. Um… it won’t load. I played it before (About 5 minutes ago) Refreshed the page, and now it won’t load.

  5. I found the game unbelievably intriguing. It would be awesome if you’d be willing to discuss it or something, but I highly doubt that. XD

  6. Well, that was fun. Has anyone figured out what the cheat codes at the end are yet?

  7. I played through and saved some passcodes when I was writing my review for Nocturnal Blog (which has 2 special codes if you read it). I bet all of you are reading this yelling “IWANTITALL!” to the screen.

  8. Nicolasoob

    played a bit, great game! Few notes though.

    1) It’s a bit annoying when you read dialogs & NPCs moves all around. Makes it a bit hard to read especially when they go near screen border & the text jump from left to right of the NPC.
    Maybe you could make them still while talking except when they’re in a jump. could be a bit problematic when there’s loads of reading and the character won’t “move to the button” but I guess you got the info if the NPC has to move or not.

    2) Katryn seems fascinated by the mouse even when there’s no mouse click. It’s a bit frightening when she jump looking backward. Mouse-unclick event or timer maybe?

    3) button timing are a bit harsh sometimes, especially for old gamers like me that don’t research “challenge” maybe a “lasy” difficulty option for the few screens irritating (like the swmap switch elevator, nearly broke my keyboard in rage!)

  9. Anyone knows what does cheat codes mean?

  10. Wow! Played through fixation, and I love the way the story, setting, and dialogue play off each other. In improv, characters talk about the relationship, and let what they’re doing influence the communication. This technique is a great way to bring in more character story, without having to artificially build mechanics around it. Bravo!

  11. Oh. My. God.

    I just finished playing it. And… I’d already played Company, so I knew how their relationship would end up, but still…

    I loved the plot, and the characters, and the interactions… I’m not gonna lie, Jack and Kathryn’s relationship reminded me of me and a friends. They worked so well together, it almost made me forget… what the end would be.

    But then it came…

    Now, I’ve played a bunch of games, and gotten attached to a whole bunch of characters. I’ve watched Pan’s Labyrinth, I’ve read Flower’s for Algernon.

    But in all that, this game was one of the few — and only the second game, after Cave Story — that made me actually tear up.

    Thank you.
    Thank you so, so much.

  12. Nicolasoob

    Hey check armorgames, it’s fixation layout today ^_^

  13. This is a really awesome. It’s perfect, I don’t know how to say it. The perfect prequel. It explains or otherwise gives context to everything happening on Company of Myself and expands its impact. I like it how, though it ceased to be the main theme of the game, the five worlds are somehow related to the five stages of grief you had originally in mind for, well, Grief.

    The graphics are outstanding, though the in-game pixel art and animations are way too superior to the cut-scene panels. My only complaint about it would be that Henry’s eyes when he’s dead are too funny for such a depressing part of the story. And that Kathryn’s outfit, when not pixelated, doesn’t look like serious grownup clothes.

    The dialogues are great, and it’s fascinating that all of them are connected somehow. That is, when you replay the game everything every character says has a new meaning on the light of future events: I particularly loved Henry and Kathryn debating what would it take for Kathryn to warn Penelope about Thomas’ stupidity, when Kathryn vaguely refers to “something big” and she’s in fact (at least I felt it that way) not-knowingly talking to Henry about Henry’s death.

    The references to Company of Myself are awesome too, they add another level of greatness to the whole thing, so important and yet so irrelevant that one can play this game first without getting confused. Jack’s medication and former profession really give something completely new to Company of Myself without feeling improper. Did you had all this things planned from the start? I mean, now I play the first game and Jack actually seems to be dressed as a magician!

    Anyway, just wanted to say congratulations, don’t know why I ended up writing all that.

    PS: Aren’t you worried that some comments accuse it of being pro-smoking, just a couple days after Armor Games took Reich of Darkness down? I mean, Fixation has a person solving problems by smoking, and finding innovative ways to get her cigarette smoke into non-smoking places. If we’re talking about controversy here, tobacco has probably killed more people in the history of mankind than okay I’ll just stop here before I say something really stupid.

  14. SBRedFlag

    Brilliant work. Really a profound piece on its own, and espececially significant if you know how it ties in to Company. Great job 2D.

  15. Ok, my review is up; click my name to view it on my blog

  16. Ok, this game is just brilliant. I learnt so much about my very self while playing it. It has such an unique perspective and profundity.

    I, here form Brazil, thank you all for this experience.

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