International Fake News Day

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Happy April, everyone!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any wacky fake announcements about whatever I’m working on, so hopefully you received enough shenanigans from other developers.

I do, however, have a playable demo of the first thing I’ve managed to slap together in Unity.  Seems like some really powerful/awesome software so far!  The most interesting part of this demo is the crosshair/camera behavior–the physics and rendering and such are built in.

Click me to download (PC/Mac)

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  1. I’ve got an error:
    “There should be ‘crosshair control_Data’
    folder next to the executable”

  2. Whoops–it should work now.

  3. yah, Unity is some pretty cool

    the only problem I had was that the mouse did not “lock” with my mouse cursor; thus allowing my mouse cursor to go off the screen

    (btw, im High-Lord Vin; just updated my name; and e-mail)

  4. ow, and you not making any Diablo 3 for the Wii :p

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