TrashTech releases soon, plus other stuff

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TrashTech is pretty much only missing its audio at this point, which is being handled by David Carney (as usual).  It’ll go up on Kongregate whenever he’s finished, so keep your eyes open for it!

Since I’m just waiting on that for now, I spent most of my working time this week studying character animation.  In summary, this shit is hard.  I’m starting to get the hang of it…but there’s still no way to tell how much more practice it’ll take before I’m fully comfortable with the process.  I’m feeling pretty confident about it, though.

Anyway, after TrashTech, the next practice game will most likely a third person brawler that takes place at some point after the robot apocalypse.

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  1. Done! 😀

  2. *Check back in after a while of being away* Ow wow, you seems to have been busy and having a lot of fun 😀 (I should really do that myself >_>)

    Ow, and I have to admit that I got a bit giddy when I read “character animation,” and had to remind myself it was just for video games.

    Anyways, I’ll make sure to check it out once it gets released (and probably also do a review).

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