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It’s only been a day, but I worked a bunch on the aesthetics for the stealth game starting immediately after I posted the previous screenshot, so here’s a new one.  I’m running the trial for Unity Pro now, so I could toss in some dynamic shadows, which mostly help to show that the objects are sitting directly on the carpet instead of floating slightly above it (this problem isn’t particularly noticeable in the previous image because of the tiled floor).  I’ll actually buy a license for the fancier version some time between now and when the game is finished.

More importantly, though, the existing art has been getting more tweaks and iteration, and it’s all generally looking more pleasant (and less harsh).  Still a buttload of placeholder bullshit floating around.  (Deal with it.)

Again, click for full size

Hopefully the game is starting to look relatively decent, but aside from the art, playtests have been going excruciatingly well lately.  The past six in a row have all been enormously positive.  Get stoked.

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  1. Jamie Rezendes

    Hell ya! Dude this games gonna be beast!

  2. I’m really excited for this, especially with the ideas for gameplay you mentioned.
    Can’t wait to see how it plays, feels, looks, and what it sounds like once it is all done.

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