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TrashTech is finally released–go play it on Kongregate!

In other news, I scrapped the brawler idea, but I’ve got something way better instead.  It’s a stealth game, and it’s been testing really well…I’ll have a bunch of things to say about it in the near future.  Keep your eyes peeled…

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  1. So excited for the stealth game! (But you already knew I was excited).

  2. I’m loving this little thing! I had no time to play it before, but now I finally get to see it. I’m at the first level where the goal is destroying a certain number of enemies, and I have only two complaints: 1. sometimes, when moving in one direction while holding space, I press another arrow key (without releasing any) in order to start going diagonally, but the game just ignores it and keeps going horizontally or vertically, and 2. I find it somehow annoying to be required to take one hand out of the keyboard in order to scroll through my e-mails, you know, being a mouse-less game and all. And the writing’s too entertaining to just skip!

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