Edmund McMillen’s “The Basement Collection”

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Ahoy there!  Edmund McMillen is about to release a compilation of a bunch of upgraded versions of his old Flash work.  One of those old works is Spewer, which means I get to be involved!  The new version of Spewer runs at a higher resolution and contains ten new bonus levels.  It’s also got a bunch of subtle tweaks to make it more fair, like reworked spike trap code (god damn, those old spikes…) and a bunch of little changes in level design that ought to make the game a lot more consistently enjoyable (especially for new players).

The Collection will also contain a bunch of other goodies, like new soundtracks, development commentary, and unused video clips of Ed from the fantastic Indie Game: The Movie (among a bunch of other goodies).  Release is set for August 31st on Steam, and it will cost $4.  Get stoked!

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