Weddings, UI systems, and, inevitably, more wallpapers (+bonus gif)

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Ahoy there!  I was in Houston for a few days to celebrate a wedding in the family.

But y’all aren’t here to read about that, so let’s move on.

I recently purchased the wonderful blindGUI from Unity’s Asset Store, and I’m super happy with it so far.  Unity’s built-in GUI is, to put it lightly, the pants.  It’s clunky to work with and doesn’t seem to match the rest of the engine’s workflow…impressively, blindGUI actually feels more like coherent part of the software than the original system.  The Unity team has been promising a full GUI redesign for a little while, but it’s not released yet, so this seems like a great option for the time being.  It’s only $20, too!

Anyway, now that this system is in, I’ve started reworking the interface to be cleaner and more interesting.  I’m only partway into this process so far, but I’ll show it off once it’s more presentable.  I can even start working on a main menu system, which I’ve been putting off for a long time…

In other news, the wallpaper generator is pretty much finished at this point, so I’ve got a new gallery of the kinds of results it can cook up.  The new feature in these renders is that instead of repeating one fractal+noise pattern across the whole wall, it creates two similar patterns and fades between them from floor to ceiling.  One papered wall in the game is only half the height of one of the squares below, but these doubled images tile correctly in all directions (so I’ve been using them as my desktop backgrounds).

The cool thing about this generator’s progress is that as it gets more advanced and finely tuned, it takes less and less time for me to pick out results that are worth sharing.  These nine images were generated one after the other, which means I didn’t have to throw any out for being too boring or ugly  or awkward or whatever else.  Awesome!

Be sure to click them for full size, and have a nice Saturday.

(Edit) – oops, I forgot:

I’ve also got a gif of the wall generator in action.  I’ve shown the types of results it produces a few times already, but here’s an animation to show what’s actually going on.

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