Furniture consumption

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The stealth game’s various menus are starting to come together pretty nicely, but they’re still not quite done.  Working on interface every day was starting to wear on me a bit, so I took some time to put in a little effect for when the player steals furniture.  This is the player’s primary objective, so people will be seeing this effect a whole lot – this puts quite a bit of pressure on its quality.  The player character is a robot who’s melting stuff down to convert it into fuel, so hopefully this is conveyed at least a bit more clearly now.

Not the final version yet, but it’s starting to look pretty cool!

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  1. Looks very good. Suggestions: make it converge to the lowest point of the robot, and leave some kind of trace on the floor

  2. Very cool.. I love when you work on such details! That’s very irrelevant but I even remember the vanishing platforms in CoM when you pull a lever. :)

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