It’s advanced.

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PC gamers love their advanced video settings.  Maybe it’s a tradition thing.

Until recently, the game only ran in one of four graphics presets (“Sparse,” “Simple,” “Standard,” and “Stellar”).  I’m going to be keeping those as the basic settings, but lots of gamers get a real kick out of setting the video quality manually, so these presets aren’t enough.

Regardless of the reason why, these advanced video settings have become strangely important for a PC game.  Since I always worked with browser games in the past, I never had to worry about these types of options, so it’s an interesting thing for me to work with.

I figure that the best way to give the advanced options some extra punch is to let them turn things up past the normal “Stellar” preset.  Folks with nicer machines are more likely to check the advanced settings, anyway, so giving them a little bonus for doing so seems like a good idea.

Maybe it’s mundane, but click for full size anyway!


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